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Emma carried out some distance Reiki on my 7 year old daughter who was having difficulties going off to sleep in the evenings. Well, I noticed a difference from half 8 that night and lo and behold , I later discovered that was when she had started! That night was the first time that she had been asleep before 10pm in over a month! In the weeks that have followed I've definitely seen a calmer, less manic child at bedtime. Thank You so much Emma!

Reiki Client Parent

All of my life I've struggled with my weight and self-esteem, lurching from one fad diet to another, slimming clubs and even slimming tablets,yes sometimes I lost weight but the effects were always short lived and I would be left feeling even more of a failure and usually weighing more than when I started, however this time has been very different, after 8 sessions with The Smile Coach I have lost 1.5 stone and dropped a dress size, the weight loss has been slow but sure, just by making small changes and my confidence has gone through the roof. Emma has encouraged me to make "choices" with my food and lifestyle, suddenly after 40+ years of yo yo dieting, I've got it!!!

I also realise that its ok to be me, warts and all! I do have a choice, I can still go out with my friends to eat, but by making sensible choices can still lose weight.

I am not perfect but after years of sadness and feeling second best, I now feel that I do matter and I'm sure that all of this is thanks to Emma, my one and only The Smile Coach!

She understood because she has been there too.

Smiler D

Before The Smile Coach came into my life, I lacked motivation and direction. I was stuck in a negative cycle. 

Now, she's opened my eyes and my mind to show me that I can be me again, gently guiding and giving me confidence to shake myself up and sort my life and health out!

Thank you so much Smile Coach! xxx

Smiler L

In the 10 sessions I had with The Smile Coach, she gave me the tools to make different food changes and life changes.

In that time I lost just over a stone, she also gave me the courage and confidence to start swimming and run/walking 5K. A year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of doing it!

Smiler LU

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