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Freedom Friday Offers

My vision is that the workplace is that the one place that busy, busy people find community, support and a chance to step back from home, and all the tasks that running your life brings. This doesn't mean that the workplace is an easy place to be, but simply somewhere where you wear another hat, and at times find more chance to be the true you!

Why would your company hire The Smile Coach?

Because as an employer you care for your employees, you see the value in investing in them and assisting growth on all levels. You can see that by empowering them to be the best version of themselves, you are allowing these positives to be reflected within your business.

Many businesses invest in national wellbeing contracts for employees to use, but did you know that only 12% of employees actually engage with these services? This creates a large investment cost for a service that isn't used by all.

I have built my experience by working with clients individually, and pandemic adaptations provided me the opportunities to offer services in more ways to more people leading me down this path of offering my Reiki services to the corporate world.  

Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive calming tool that offers this, the insight gained from a experience only comes from the person receiving Reiki and is translated by myself as the practitioner. It allows clearer thinking and balance to the individual client, over time with regular appointments it can transform how the recipient (or Smiler as I like to call my clients) thinks, feels and lives their life and ultimately in the workplace less sick days taken and a happier workforce.

I meet many of my clients monthly for Reiki experiences which allows superb timing for release of feelings that no longer serve them and allows sufficient timing to act on any positive change that the treatment allows them to feel. 

How would you bring Reiki to your business?

You would take advantage of my Freedom Friday offers!

Offer 1: This is a 60 minute online group session via Zoom, where I would lead up to 12 of your employees through a guided meditations for relaxations, whilst performing a Reiki experience over Zoom. There are no distance limitations with this practice. Your employees would need a quiet, comfortable space with access to Zoom.

Offer 2: If you are within an hour’s travelling distance from Hastings, East Sussex and have use of a quiet room, I can travel to you and offer up to 4 individual fully immersive Reiki experiences.

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