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My Story

I believe in moving forward and being positive in making those changes no matter what ups and downs we face.

I have been on my own weight loss journey since 2008 when my health became affected, I believe, because I was so overweight. I decided there and then that I did not want my daughter's life to be affected because she had an mum who couldn't do much due to her health issues.....that could be changed.

To date I have lost over 6 stone and am still going. I have tried many forms of exercise as I have a body that gets bored quickly! I'm having a little break from playing Netball, have rediscovered the gym and swimming and I am also a member of Hastings Runners. I'm always near the back but always smile my way through a race because I always remember that there was a time when I could never have done what I do now so I try to enjoy every minute of it!

For the past 6 years I have run a beginners running group to help those that have always said " I wish I could do what you do. " Well, the Bin Runners do this and they do it well, they rock!!

In 2014 I was given the gift of a son. At 2 weeks old it was clear that something wasn't right, he was diagnosed with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy, that was just the beginning of our rollercoaster and now at 8 years old he is finally becoming dairy tolerant and with his other food kinks, we have finally learnt to live with. He's doesn't stop eating and really doesn't stop growing!

In order to help him I have spent his life researching and readjusting his diet to help him live life to the full without his digestive system affecting him too much.

As you can imagine this did begin to take it's toll on my own mental health, I took actions to change this and learnt many coping mechanisms to help and will use them forever.

The world of Complimentary Therapies also opened up to us and is a path that we will always follow as it has provided so much positivity in assisting us. 

Professionally I have been an unemployment coach for 9 years and have been in a trainer/mentor role in many situations leading through times of change.

I've learnt that change doesn't always come from the big things but from the small suggestions that weren't intended to trigger anything.

So as a result of all of the above The Smile Coach idea continues to evolve and I am still someone who can guide clients who are looking to find confidence and motivation in setting some goals towards achieving their dreams, but how I do this now leans more towards being a Reiki Master Practitioner.

The reason for this change is that overtime my role has evolved and I find as Reiki provides insight from within you, there is no perception of good and bad, or pass or fail so my clients continue to see amazing personal results coming from the information that we create together by talking and listening after a Reiki experience. 

My vision is that eventually The Smile Coach will offer many different services and treatments 

My Reiki life is no longer in it's early days but I'm always learning and have had some memorable experiences in treating clients and feel a real calling to bring Reiki to all and show everyone that, through experiencing it, what it can do for you, balance is the key to life!

Reiki has bought myself and my son and all my clients (please see my reviews page) much inner peace and I'd love to help you with that too! I am also working towards engaging with businesses and organizations to support employee Wellbeing Programmes  in person and online, whether ever you are in the world, we can connect!

I listen to you, we work together to move you forward , that's what the Smile Coach does and who, in an honest and realistic way, The Smile Coach is!

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