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Your Options For A Smile-Based Future....

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Reiki Treatment

Treat Yourself to a Reiki Treatment

Bringing Calm into Your Life 

1-2-1 in person Reiki Experience

I'm really excited to offer Reiki to all who search for a relaxing experience! 

How would you like some peaceful time just for you, lay back relax, let the power of Reiki Energy give an insight into you. During the treatment, your Chakra's will receive a much needed cleanse, and universal energy will work to remove any spiritual blockages that you may have. 

A Reiki treatment is like a spiritual massage, your whole body will feel energised but with only minimal touch as my hands channel the universal lifeforce that is Reiki. 

During the treatment you may see or feel colours, heat, coldness, tingling or popping, this list is not exhaustive, but all sensations are positive, working towards a brighter, lighter you!

Please message me to find out more....

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Studying at Home

Seated Reiki treatments

These experiences are just a shorter version of the full Reiki session, but for those who might find lying down a little more difficult.

I would work in the same way as explained above, just for a lesser amount of time allowing you to adjust and receive the quality of Reiki that you deserve.

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Water Lily

Distance Reiki Experience

The power of Reiki is it's magic!

Reiki is Universal Lifeforce, it is the earth's vibrations, it's created from the beauty that is all around us, it's always been there, and by tuning into it I can offer you an experience without you being with me.

By using Reiki methods I can cleanse your chakra's from my location whilst you remain in yours. All you need to do is lay back and relax in your own happy place. This works so well for many people. 

I'm always happy to have a chat to explain more!

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Smile setting session

Do you feel you just need a little help setting those goals? 

Or are you just not sure what The Smile Coach is all about but you're curious as to whether I can help you?

Would you like a plan of goals but feel motivated enough to carry them out after?

Do you want banish those negative thoughts and transform the inner you?

Then this simple 2 hour goal planning session is for you, we'll cover your history, and then build the stepping stones towards your future!

A  48 hour cancellation policy applies to all appointments

Bridge Over River

 1-2-1 Smile Coaching Sessions

Whatever the reason that you need some help to smile again, I aspire to help you do just that!

We'll start at the beginning, create some goals, and work at your pace through fortnightly sessions of review & mindset changes big and small!

With the end result being a future full of smiles that can help you face any situation.

This service is available via any platform that works for you or in person.

A 48 hour cancellation policy applies.

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